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The Best Chapters

The Best Chapters is an educational company that provides health and well-being programs for those who retired or are planning to retire


This is not for the idle or resigned. This is for the ones who are hungry for what's next, or as Frank Sinatra puts it, those "young at heart." 


In these extraordinary times

Corona virus and response to it will continue challenging our organization, governance, health, finances and many other systems in our society.


We at The Best Chapters always had an intention to build a community of people interested in topics of  health, well-being and consciousness.


The time is now so we started The Best Chapters community, where we currently provide free online sessions on variety of topics and continue inquiry into them. 



From being unsettled to GROUNDED in disorienting times.

An inquiry party with Sophie McLean

Given what humanity is currently going through, most of us, if not all, feel unsettled. Come and explore getting on the other side during these disorienting times at our virtual INQUIRY PARTY.

Our guest is Sophie McLean, an expert in deconstruction of the ego. She spent decades leading transformational seminars to over 80,000 people around the world.

Recorded on March 29th and available for viewing in Live Sessions

Corona: Facts & Myths. No drama Q&A 

With Dr. Tismenetsky, Pathologist and Medical Director of Microbiology Laboratory at Englewood Hospital in NJ.  

Recorded on March 17th and available for viewing in Live Sessions

What's coming

(the details will be announced once finalized):

  • Managing Risks: Boosting Your Immune System

  • Financial Impact of Corona: Consideration for Retirement

  • Maintaining Clarity and Peace in Uncertain Times

  • Social Distance: An Opportunity to Finally Do Things Your Really Wanted to


8-session live online course 

with Daniela Hess

This course is for anyone who has ever lost a parent, a spouse, a child or someone close. Grief can be disorienting and confusing. It can come with resentment, anger and guilt. For the most part, we are just not taught how to deal with death, how to grieve or support someone who is grieving.


In this course, your teacher, Daniela Hess, will take you on a journey. You will have an opportunity to learn how to grieve consciously, how to communicate with others about your grief, and how to release everything in your grief that is not love. There is wisdom on the other side of grief.

8-session live online course 

with Laurie Lewis


  • being your brightest, sharpest self

  • healing physical pains and disease

  • sleeping well

  • feeling strong at your ideal weight

  • enjoying foods you love

  • and, saving money.

This is indeed possible through the practice of Intermittent Fasting -- Time Restricted Eating -- a daily pattern of eating and not eating. The pause from eating allows the body a much-needed healing rest for our gut, organs, brain, and hormones.


Together, in our live online workshop, you will learn to apply this

practice, and explore with our coach, Laurie Lewis, how to discern the right fasting pattern for you and your life. It is a personal and customized discovery.

Time Restricted Eating is not a diet. Give yourself this gift of healing each day!

Starting on

May 14th

live online course 
with Sophie McLean

Most of us have a deep aversion to boredom. It reminds us of death and it also often implies a deep loneliness.

Two main questions will be answered in this seminar:

What aspect of myself is bored? and What aspect of myself is addicted to what I find exciting and interesting?

In this seminar, you will discover the difference between loneliness and aloneness, discover the possibility of existential boredom and finally have access to true creation.

Coming Soon